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Patrycja Rabińska


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Mariel & Haan Communications

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We understand the importance of integration of communication activities among key goals of a company. This is why together with our clients we create the best method of cooperation within the organization. We have enormous experience in cooperation not only with marketing and PR departments, but also with boards of directors, human resources departments and sales departments.



With in-depth knowledge and thorough analysis of the specifics of the client’s business goals we can develop effective communication strategies. Through cooperation we continually get to know one another better and explore the needs and potential of the organization, which enables us to act and advise in a more effective way.

Time saving


We would like clients to really feel that our assistance with communication lightens the load. We do respect their invaluable time and therefore we seek the best solutions, often unconventional, which bring best media results and  reduce the demands on the clients’ time.

About Mariel & Haan Communications



Public Relations manages brand reputation and above all increases brand value. It is a strategically planned and focused method of communication. At Mariel & Haan Communications we believe that in order to offer comprehensive and professional assistance we must understand the client’s activity and business goals. When we know the client, together we are able to work out efficient strategy, method and plan of communication, custom made, cut to the needs and capabilities.


Thanks to meticulously prepared and valuable content, our clients build relationships both outside the organization – with customers, suppliers, stakeholders or media – and within the organization – with employees and business partners.


The Mariel & Haan Communications team has broad experience in communication, marketing, sales, consultancy and recruitment primarily in such fields as real estate, construction, tourism and recreation.




Together we can do more! 

Synergy is one of our favorite words which we use on many planes. The knowledge and contacts once acquired are used not only in day-to-day work with clients and media but also to initiate and support relations between companies and organizations.



We find most effective forms of communication. Status quo does not let us rest. We observe the changing world and constantly find new, better and better methods of assisting our clients’ businesses. 

All services connected with communication, public relations and marketing are made to fit specific cases.