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Mariel & Haan Communications is a team of professionals who have extensive knowledge of public relations. Our offer is always adapted to the goals and needs of the client, and therefore it is tailor made from the beginning to the end. The key principle of our company is the widest possible knowledge of our client, their business needs, the specificity of the market on which they operate and target groups. Because of that we provide solutions that are the most effective and meet real needs.


We offer a wide range of services primarily in the field of:

Corporate communication



Marketing communication



Anti-crisis communication



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Activity in social media



CEO and leaders reputation management



If you want to increase the profit of your company, the key challenge is your visibility, which allows you to build relationships with investors, partners or shareholders. We will help you build relationships, which ultimately will contribute to the increase of the company's value.

Over the past few years marketing communication has undergone a revolution. We will conduct marketing communication in your company so that contact with clients and potential clients will be as smooth and effective as possible.

Weekend or not – crises may happen. With the agency's support, your company will go through the crisis without compromising its reputation. In addition, we will help you implement changes that will not only allow you to avoid another crisis, but also allow you to increase the company's profit.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a buzz phrase recently used by many. We will help you create a CSR strategy and the right projects so that activities have measurable effects for both the beneficiaries and the image of your organization.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and many more ... Social media is a great tool for building the brand's image. We will take care of your social media channels professionally and effectively so that they bring not only likes but also measurable profit.

"I am the state," said the Sun King. Nowadays, the image of the company is often demonstrated by the image of the most important people in the company. We will help you effectively manage the reputation of the CEO and the company's leaders.


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Mariel & Haan Communications

Adgar Plaza One

Postępu 15 

02-676 Warsaw, Poland


Patrycja Rabińska

E: patrycja.rabinska@marielhaan.com

Mobile: +48 504 006 016


Our offer


• Corporate communication

• Marketing communication

• Anty-crisis communication


• CEO and leaders reputation management



Mariel & Haan Communications

Adgar BIT

Konstruktorska 11, 

02-676 Warsaw


Patrycja Rabińska

E: patrycja.rabinska@marielhaan.com

M: +48 504 006 016