'There was never a task too hard or situation to difficult for Patrycja to handle - from crisis situations, through negotiations with clients, to handling difficult situations with the journalists. (...)'

Patrycja Rabińska

Client Relations, Strategies, Consulting



I am the founder and owner of Mariel & Haan Communications. For more than twenty years I have been working in the property and construction sectors. I have been advising investors, selling properties, recruiting specialists in that field but above all I have been creating and implementing communication strategies for Polish and international companies, which turned out to be the source of greatest satisfaction for me. In my work I value most the constant rushing about, ever changing reality, unending challenges, cooperation with people who I love to support. I am a certified life&business coach, I love travels, healthy living, and local citizens’ initiatives.

Piotr Ceglarek

Project Management, Media Relations, Strategy Execution



I have been working in communications since 2005 and have created communication campaigns for companies and joint-stock companies in residential, office and logistics sectors. Real estate is my favorite and very satisfying piece of the PR cake, but I also have experience in working for other businesses, including finance. Apart from work my passion is the city and its lively, vibrant, ever-changing tissue, as well as gardening and fruit farming. In my spare time I devour history and s.f. books.

Daniel Gąsiorowski

Project Management, Investor Relations



I have nearly 20 years of experience in communication, financial media, real estate industry, and public relations activities. I specialize in communication consulting for companies in the field of corporate PR, financial PR, investor relations and crisis management. I worked as a journalist and then the editor-in-chief of Gazeta Finansowa, a journalist at; member of the board, and then president of the board of the PR agency Liberty Group SA, listed on NewConnect. For 4 years I was also associated with MSL GROUP - the largest PR agency in Poland. I carried out communication projects for both large corporations and smaller entities, mainly in the real estate, financial, IT and automotive industries. After hours, I absorb everything related to pop culture, especially in the field of film and music.

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About us




We are Mariel & Haan Communications. Our team is full of professionals who have a very wide experience, but above all who are public relations enthusiasts. We appreciate the importance of effective communication (not only) in business, we notice subtle differences in the ways of communication and we always aim to provide optimal solutions. Despite the experience gained, we do not rest on our laurels - we follow the changes in the market, we are constantly looking for new and creative methods of communication and we focus on the highest quality of services.


Each of us is different. We use these differences to create the perfect synergy. We support each other and we constantly share the experience and ideas of each and every one of us. Thanks to that, we provide our clients with services at the highest level.

We worked for:

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Ewelina Zajączkowska

Public Relation Specialist



I have been associated with the real estate industry for almost 4 years. I built my first experience working in a development company, where I was involved in organizing events for building tenants, and then in a company dealing in the organization of industry events for real estate. My passion for writing led me to develop my public relations and communication skills. I improved my workshop, among others being a volunteer on the website, where I was translating articles on socio-political issues. In my free time I polish foreign languages and explore the secrets of psychology.



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Mariel & Haan Communications

Adgar Plaza One

Postępu 15 

02-676 Warsaw, Poland


Patrycja Rabińska


Mobile: +48 504 006 016


Our offer


• Corporate communication

• Marketing communication

• Anty-crisis communication


• CEO and leaders reputation management



Mariel & Haan Communications

Patrycja Rabińska


M: +48 504 006 016





Anna Groß

Public Relation Manager


I have over 15 years of experience in PR and communications, both on national and international level. In Poland I used to be the spokesperson of UNIQA Insurance Group.  I was also a member of the PR team in mBank and the Manufaktura shopping center in Lodz. In 2011, I took up the position of International Marketing Manager at the UNIQA Headquarters in Vienna, where I was in charge of the brand communications in Central Europe. Afterwards, I joined Vodafone Malta and worked there as Head of Brand for 2 years. Since 2017 I have been living in Germany, where I was focusing on my family real estate company BAVEST