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Rainbow money - how the companies are fighting for LGBTQ + customers

June – the Pride Month in the LGBTQ + community ended not a long time ago. For still increasing number of companies, both global corporations and our domestic businesses, this is an opportunity to show the company as an pro equality organization.


Pride Month is celebrated as the anniversary of riots in the Stonewall Inn, which are considered the beginning of the modern LGBTQ + movement. Since then, more countries have organized marches, parades and other events for equality. For many years, the movement met with a lack of support, both from the states and business. Nearly 50 years have passed since the events near Stonewall and the "Western" world has gone very far when it comes to accepting non-heteronormative people. The world of business is also part of these changes. Corporations often have equality policies towards employees, as well as special offers created for the Pride Month for their consumers. More and more companies also create special actions or participate in parades. For what?


The LGBTQ + community – pure statistics


Do not kid yourself, corporate support is rarely due only to the good hearts of their decision-makers (though it probably happens sometimes). Corporations are aware that it simply makes sense to support this community. Why? First, the LGBTQ + community accounts for at least 5% of every society. Second, the average household income of LGBTQ + people is 23% higher than the average. Thirdly, same-sex couples spend 25% more on purchases than heterosexual couples. These are just a few of the many statistics that confirm that it is a group of excellent consumers, for whom it is worth directing communication. In general a large part of the communication of many brands is targeted at heterosexual couples or heterosexual couples with children. But now, when the consumers expect a personalized message, this picture does not go to the LGBTQ + community. That is why the advertisement showing homosexual couples or transgender persons is appreciated all the more.



Rainbow communication done better and worse


June this year along with the Warsaw Parade of Equality abounded in very interesting activities of many brands. It is worth mentioning the unique action of Ben & Jerry's - the appearance of a rainbow on the Zbawiciela Square which couldn’t be burned, caused a very enthusiastic reaction of the LGBTQ + environment. Netflix has prepared a campaign related to its hit series "Orange is the new black" (in which, nomen omen, the lesbian thread is very important) with the slogan "orange is the part of the rainbow". Star of the series - Laura Prepon, who played lesbian Alex, shared a banner in social media with her image with support for the parade. The companies such as Google and Microsoft have been supporting the parade for years. However, there is the other side of the coin. The Łódź-based New Impuls developer informs on Facebook that "we sell apartments to everyone, even pederasts". Interestingly, despite the appearance of dozens of very negative comments, the company insists on repeating its message and saying that it is a positive communication.



The LGBTQ + community doesn’t appreciate every rainbow anymore


The times when business support for the LGBTQ + community was an exception are behind us. More and more companies understand what I have shown earlier - it is a significant group of potential customers. Due to this, non-heterosexual people are becoming much less excited about the rainbow post on Facebook or waving a rainbow flag. If a company does not have an equality policy and the LGBTQ + community is remembered only on the day of the parade - it may turn out that it is definitely not enough. Support for marital equality, prohibition of discrimination and other matters that LGBTQ + activists are fighting for - these are issues that really interest the community, not how rainbow the spring collection of the brand is.


Therefore, although it is a great idea to target communication to the LGBTQ + community, it must be done wisely. At least because the most loyal group of consumers are lesbians.



12 July 2018


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