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Another agency?

"The PR market is filled," experts say. "How many PR agencies can there be?" Others ask. And yet. Mariel & Haan Communications is the "next" agency. And not redundant.



You can say the same thing about PR market that can be said about any other industry - it is specific and has its own rules. It changes at a frantic pace, it is mixed more and more with marketing, sales and many other industries. On the one hand there are many people who create their own agencies, on the other hand - it is certainly not an easy decision.


Others knew


Probably some mothers have felt it – having children change a lot in life. Their presence, apart from many other issues, results in breaking down from the rhythm of work, looking at professional life from a distance and seeing again values ​​and needs. It wasn’t different in my case. I wanted and needed to set up my life again, on my terms. Whatever it would mean. At least that’s what I thought, because subconsciously I’ve always known that one day I’d have my own company. As it turned out people around me knew it too – before I have realized that. 


Hard beginnings of great future


Creating your own business is probably never easy. It wasn’t different in my case. In addition to the internal fear, which has been growing due to the comments of the other people about the difficulty of entering the market, the entire agency was only one person with two small children and a huge auction, in which I had to put a lot of work. Finally, after sending the offer, the customer disappeared. Fortunately, also thanks to the support of some people - above all my husband, three friends (Ola, Karolina and Dorota - their spiritual and substantive support was invaluable!), It succeeded. Not only the agency does not consist of one person, has the clients, but even we start writing a blog - this is the inaugural post. Also, very important was the support from Kuba Jugo from JJ Communications, who let me use his office space at the beginning of the road - it was a huge qualitative leap for my daily work!


Another agency


It’s true - Mariel & Haan Communications is another PR agency. But at the same time, it is not just another agency. First of all, we do everything to ensure that our work is of the highest standard and constantly strive for perfection. We treat our work more broadly than just "typical" PR activities. We learn about the business of each of our clients in detail, its specificity, so we can provide excellent service and consulting. We are constantly developing, we are learning new things, we know the market and we participate in the market - also by being on industry events. And beyond everything - we are just both passionate and professional.






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Patrycja Rabińska Mariel & Haan Communications


08 May 2018


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Mariel & Haan Communications

Adgar Plaza One

Postępu 15 

02-676 Warsaw, Poland


Patrycja Rabińska

E: patrycja.rabinska@marielhaan.com

Mobile: +48 504 006 016


Our offer


• Corporate communication

• Marketing communication

• Anty-crisis communication


• CEO and leaders reputation management



Mariel & Haan Communications

Patrycja Rabińska

E: patrycja.rabinska@marielhaan.com

M: +48 504 006 016